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Hiring A Designer For A Day Can Help More Than You Think

Designer For A Day services are becoming more and more popular, but why? Well, do you ever feel like your home decor could use a little sprucing up but aren't quite sure where to start or what to get? Have you been tired of staring at the same old furniture and color schemes day in and day out but maybe don't have a good eye for what to change and what to keep? Do you have small things here and there that need help but don't really have a full project? If so, this service may be a great way to give your home a facelift without the investment of full interior design services. Here at Element Design Network we call this service our Design Collaboration Experience and we will go into a bit more detail in a minute.


First, what are the benefits of having a professional interior designer helping you with your home? Hiring a designer for a day can be a provide some big advantages. First and foremost, as interior designers, we have the expertise to help you create a cohesive design plan that fits your style and budget. We can offer suggestions on color schemes, furniture placement, and decorative accents that will transform your space into a stylish and functional oasis. Many times, these design ideas are a part of a comprehensive project which means it is a pretty big investment. The benefit of hiring us on to help with your design plans, color palettes, creating a mood board and helping create a cohesive overall design style is that you can take it from there, saving quite a bit of money. This also allows you the ability to go at your own pace and do one thing at a time.

Budget Friendly

Interestingly, an interior designer can actually save you time and money. With our knowledge of the latest design trends and access to exclusive design resources, we can help you avoid costly mistakes and make the most of your budget. We can also help you streamline the design process, making it more efficient and less stressful.

Professional Help

Another benefit of working with an interior designer for a day is that you can get fresh perspectives on your space. Often, we get so used to seeing our homes a certain way that we can't see the potential for change. An interior designer can bring a new set of eyes to your space and offer ideas you may not have considered.

It's Fun

We always hear that one of the best parts of working with us on our Design Collaboration Experience is that you have someone to bounce your ideas off of. It can be hard to get started on a design project if you are nervous you are going to make a mistake or complete the work just to see it really doesn't all flow together like you thought it would. We take that worry away. Not to mention, working with an interior designer is be a fun and creative process. We are like your design best friend! So, you get to collaborate with us as design professionals who are passionate about design and dedicated to helping you create the home of your dreams and have fun in the process.


When creating this service, we wanted to be sure to provide clients with the a comprehensive plan to be able to execute a beautiful design on their own for the best value. We felt that having 5 step model worked best to make the interior design process as as effortless as possible. Frankly, one day just isn't enough to get a high quality result, even if you are a super creative person which, let's face it, not everybody is. We felt this model provided better results for our clients.

Here is an overview of what to expect if you are interested in our version of a designer for a day service.

Step 1 | The Phone Call

We prefer to have a phone consultation prior to booking our Design Collaboration Experience in order to be sure your expectations meet the capabilities of this service. We want to make sure you are asking the right questions before you book this service. This is especially critical if this is your first time working with an interior designer. We want to make sure this service is a great fit to address your concerns and that the Design Collaboration Experience is the right move for you to achieve your goal within your budget.

It is common to wonder how much can be covered within one session. We generally recommend focusing the project on just 1-3 rooms or topics, so we can provide you with the expertise needed to achieve your design. The more information you provide to us in advance – including photos, measurements, and a thoughtfully completed Design Questionnaire – the more we can cover.

The final agreed upon room count will depend on your personal project. If you have an empty family room and are in need of a layout, furniture selections, lighting, rugs, paint colors, decor and artwork we may only be able to focus on that one room. If however you have furniture but need help making the room feel 'finished' we can most likely address 2-3 rooms depending on the size and needs of each space. You do not need to make that decision upfront. We will better be able to identify your needs and priority list after our video call. Be sure to include all of your needs/wants so that we can work with you on how to make the most of our time. There have been times when our team works more efficiently than expected and can add a bonus solution to one of your needs and wants that are

That B Word

Speaking of budget, here at Element Design Network, we charge a flat fee for our Design Collaboration Experience. This is essential to creating a solid budget. Many designers use an hourly rate for these services but that leads you to wonder how much time you will be charged for when all is said and done. Our flat fee eliminates the guesswork and makes it easy for you to add EDN as a line item on your overall budget.

So now you see that EDN is the right fit and the Design Collaboration Experience is perfect for you. What now? You will receive a comprehensive overview on what to expect, a link to a design questionnaire and an invoice. Once that invoice is paid, we will send you a small box of items to help you to get started.

Step 2 | The Homework

So, what's to expect when working with us for a Design Collaboration Experience? As mentioned, you've gotta do some of the work. After all, that's one big way you're saving money. That being said, we start you with some homework. You will receive an extensive questionnaire with essential questions which will help us to narrow down your priorities. This helps us to gather all the information we will need to be as effective and efficient as possible during our time together. Once we have a chance to look it all over, we will schedule a call with you. We feel the best way to get a real sense of you and your home is to have a video call. That truly helps us to see the pain points that you are looking to address. During this call we come up with a plan.

After we discuss your pain points, hopes and dreams for your home, together we will create a priority list. This is the full scope of work that we will be addressing during our time together. We will be asking you to complete a bit more homework in order for our team to execute your design. We will go over how to take accurate measurements to submit to us. And, don't worry. You do not need to be a skilled contractor to make a simple floor plan with necessary measurements.

You will start by grabbing your provided grid paper + pencil and draw the outline of the room, marking the general location of any architectural features such as windows, doors, a fireplace, built in bookshelf et cetera. Then, you'll take your measurements. No, you don't need to get as accurate as 11' 6 5/8". We are not building a custom home here. We are creating an interior space that you love. So, don't worry about getting everything absolutely perfect. Getting us to the nearest quarter of an inch is perfect enough.

Then, mark out other important features such as outlets, vents and any other permanent items. Measure total wall length and then go back and measure the length of the wall to the fireplace or window. We like to have both overall measurements and the measurements in between to use a double check. You will also be uploading photos of your space which helps us to see if you have done something totally off and we need you to remeasure.

We provide some tips and instructions on how to take useful photos for our team. These photos help us to get a sense of the room and all of the details in it that we would normally see in person. So, tidying up the room before taking your photos, being sure to take them when you have natural light and placing yourself and your camera to get the right angle all works together to get us the photos we need.

Step 2 | The EDN Design Team's Turn

The next step? You take a break and the EDN design team begins our work. We work diligently to create a perfectly curated design that addresses your concerns and reflects your personality. We are sure to address the concerns presented in the initial consultation. We come up with design options that fit your personal style and the amount of work you are looking to take on. This can be anything from coming up with cohesive paint colors for your home to creating a vision board to help you understand the overall design concept to reworking your floor plans differently for better space planning. Then, we schedule our in person (or virtual) meeting at your home for an intensive design session where we go over every detail of the design and make any changes necessary.

Step 4 | The In Home Session

During our in person design session we will go over every aspect of your project, ensuring that you are happy with every last detail and confident in how to implement the design yourself. Together we review the design concept, plans and material selections. Should there be any changes you need, this is when we would find an alternative for you. This is also the time to answer any questions you may have to make your new design come to life. A good interior designer can not only create beautiful interior design projects but can also help convey that design to you, the client.

Step 5 | The Project Recap

We want you to feel completely present during our session without the stress of frantically taking down notes or stressing over missing something. Following your session, we will share Recap Materials, which will include everything produced during our time together, such as material selections, vendor contacts, detailed notes, and/or a specific shopping list. Our goal is to give you exactly what you need to confidently move forward and execute on the plan we create together. We create a comprehensive project recap which details step by step how you implement the design.

Hiring an interior design firm is a large investment but if you are on a tight budget, that doesn't mean that you can't get a professional assessment of your situation. The Design Collaboration Experience may be the best choice for you to finally feel confident ordering that new furniture, finally make those design decisions you have been putting off and see the best options to create a great place for your family to make memories.

If you are still reading and looking to improve your home decor, you now see that hiring an interior designer for a day can be a smart investment. Obviously, we hope you choose to hire us! With our expertise, resources, and fresh perspective, you can create a space that reflects your personality and enhances your quality of life. So why wait? Contact us today at and start transforming your home. We would absolutely love to be a part of creating a home that you love.


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