You always hear the expression that wine gets better with age, but did you know that other things get better with age too? I for one have always gotten migraines. Not as often as some, but enough to affect my life at times. They can leave me miserable for a few days. My mom always told me that hers went away when she got older, and that one of the big triggers, red wine, could now be consumed without any problem. (Luckily that has never been my problem.)

The below article talks about 3 things that usually get better with age - at least it's something to think about:

· Less annoying headaches and colds Migraines and chronic headaches can dissipate, especially for women during and after menopause, according to the Migraine Research Foundation. “The immune system gets wiser with age because it remembers foreign antigens from viruses which we have been exposed to previously by making antibodies,” shares Dr. Zhang. “That means fewer colds as we get older and it is the same process that causes vaccines to work.”

· Attractive Perks Research has shown that with age comes less sweat as the sweat gland becomes less responsive and clearer skin due to the sebaceous glands producing less oil as you age, though make sure to moisturize even more. Also, some seniors report a better sex life thanks to their knowledge, experience with their own bodies and practice.

· Better mental well-being “Getting older can mean having better social skills, empathy, and time to connect with our loved ones and volunteer” shares Dr. Zhang, “Which overall contributes to greater happiness.” Having had time to gain experience from life seniors are more confident, have clearer priorities, are not into people-pleasing, can learn new skills, and share their wealth of knowledge to younger generations.

So aging does have it's perks!

Source: Excerpt from Advocate Aurora eHealth News

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