Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I guess it's from living with my two grandfathers that I have such a soft spot for elderly men. They were from a generation that did not allow for wimps. Being in World War II toughened up all men from that era. When I go to the VA with my dad and see these guys who can't even walk, but they have a cheerful attitude to all, and a determination not to let their injuries affect their daily lives with others, it makes me proud to be around them. I am surprisingly always in a better mood when leave.

Anyway back to the reason for why I'm writing this. I saw on our local PBS station about a bocce ball court that was created, originally for Italian men as a social club, but they now welcome all, and it is located in Highwood, IL. The story brought back the toughness of that generation, and I think we can all learn something from them.

Even though Papa Carmen was Italian, I don't remember him ever mentioning playing the game (of course most of his adult life he worked two jobs), and although my dad has played a few times, I think if we had lived near this place, I imagine us all enjoying spending time with this very likable group.

You can see the video at:

And, of course, we don't have to wait until Memorial Day to say Thank You for your service to all the Servicemen and Servicewomen - they aren't wimps either!

Source: Jay's Chicago at WTTW

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