Updated: Jul 21, 2019

We have been experiencing several days of heat and today is going to be the worse one, so what will help cool us down? A frozen slushie that's what! I had totally forgotten that my mom used to tell me about those drinks from the 70's that were perfect for a hot summer day. The best part, since Lauren isn't a drinker, is that the alcohol can be added, or not, after the ingredients are frozen. Also if you have a

non-drinker or children, everyone can enjoy the treat.

I looked online and there are so many variations that they are too numerous to add here, however, you are sure to find one that has your favorite components. Some are made with brewed tea, some with vodka or brandy or wine or bourbon. Most also have orange juice or lemonade concentrate and/or fresh or frozen fruit added.

This sounds like a perfect summer treat and the best part is most don't require an ice cream machine to make - just a few hours in the freezer. Also the leftover portion can be kept in your freezer for another day. If you have room you can even be creative and make several different versions with everyone's favorite flavors. I am on my way to the kitchen right now to see what I can come up with. I'll tell you what my favorite version is, and please share yours with us too.


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