You need to visit the neighborhood you are interested in at different times of the day. It might be very quiet when you see the house for the first time because kids are in school, and then at 3 p.m. it turns into an enormous playground. Or during the day it seems ideal and then at night it turns into a party pit. Or the opposite can be true where you see the home at night and it’s relatively quiet and then during the day it's very active.

You should even make test runs of your morning and evening commute at the times you would normally be on the road in order to see if they are what you thought they would be. Nothing is worse than thinking you can make it to work in 45 minutes and it's actually double that. If you commute by train, make sure that the schedule for that area matches what you need.

Also if you buy a home in too expensive of a neighborhood then you will be expected to keep up with your neighbors and have better furniture, perhaps drive a better car, and be asked to social events that might be out of your league.

You also shouldn't buy either the biggest or the smallest house in the neighborhood since resale-wise it’s not always the best situation. It can stand out too much and it can also appreciate at a slower rate. Sometimes it's better to be in the middle.

There is always a perfect home for you, and if you use us as your brokers, we will help you make the right decision based on your needs. Please contact us at: | 630.280.9713 | 630.280.9378

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