Updated: Sep 19, 2019

We recently saw an article about two people, Naomi Wax and Bill Shapiro who wrote a book about memory makers after going to a yard sale. They saw an antique locket with the inscription “My Love Forever” and they started wondering if everyone has one possession that tells a remarkable story. They decided to write a book called “What We Keep”. It contains photos and stories from 150 people. They said that not one person chose an article because of it’s dollar value. For some it was a simple straw hat that reminded a guy of his boarding school days, another it was a fancy pin cushion that her mother had that was so precious to her because they had been very poor.

The stories are so interesting and got me thinking, what would I choose?

What would you choose?

Everyone should think about what items are truly important to them no matter the cost. And I sure hope that no one reading this would choose their cell phone!

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