Updated: Jan 6, 2020

This last weekend, we took sometime to get our garden beds ready for Spring! We had great weather, good jams on, and we got a lot done. Here are five ways to get your garden ready for Spring.

1. Clean Up

Throughout the winter there is opportunity for branches to drop, leaves to be gathered, and debris to collect. Begin by raking out, and cleaning up your garden beds. This is a good time to get yourself some yard bags.

2. Prep Your Garden Tools

It's time to get your tools ready for warmer weather after being unused for the last couple months. Begin by cleaning off the tools with soap and water, and use mineral spirits on wood handles. The mineral spirits will help prevent the wood from splintering.

3. Give Your Soil Some TLC

Mix around the soil, and rake the weeds out of your garden beds. The soil needs to move around. Once that is done, put down compost or top soil, preferably one with extra nutrients, to help nourish the plants.

4. Use Decorative Pots

Flowers are beautiful but flowers in beautiful pots are even more beautiful! In fact, you can place old terra-cotta pots around your garden without even planting anything in them and you will see that they will add such an interesting layer to your yard.

You can purchase our fave pots by clicking here.

5. Make a Plan

Check out the Zone Map and see what is best to plant in your garden. You can also visit your local nursery to get some recommendation from the experts. “Planning your garden is the most important part,” says Lambton. “I like to plant so that you get color blooming throughout the season—so mix perennial flowers with some annuals as this will help keep color in your yard longer. It’s also good to plant according to height, making sure that taller plants don’t block the sun from shorter ones.” 

Now that you're all ready to go don't forget the most important part: maintaining your garden throughout the season! Once you've planted your bounty the fun has only begun. Weeding, watering and pruning weekly will ensure your garden stays beautiful throughout the season.

Happy planting!

Excerpts from: Real Simple

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