The winter weather isn't done with Chicago; now there is talk of frost quakes. CNN affiliate WGN reported Wednesday that viewers in the Chicago area were awakened by a series of booms. "I thought I was crazy! I was up all night because I kept hearing it," viewer Chastity Clark Baker said on Facebook, the news station reported. "I was scared and thought it was the furnace. I kept walking through the house. I had everyone's jackets on the table in case we had to run out of here."

That boom was no furnace ready to burst, but it probably was a weather phenomenon named "the frost quake". A frost quake, occurs when the water underground freezes and expands causing the soil and rock to crack. That booming or banging sound usually begins when there is a sudden drop in temperature, much like Chicago's recent dip, to a record-breaking low of 27 below.

I am glad that we weren't the only ones concerned about the mysterious sounds we kept hearing last night.

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