Once in awhile we have to talk about super important stuff and this is one of those times. I am horrified about what I saw on the news the other day, and if you saw it I am sure you are horrified too.

Do you know what “Mica” is? Yes I heard about it when I was in school, probably in chemistry class or something like that, but I never thought anything about it. After all it’s just a bit of shiny stuff found in the ground. It’s not diamonds or gold or silver or coal or anything like that, so what could be the big deal? Well big deal it is. It is used in many, many products. It is an efficient thermal or electrical insulator, and it’s supposedly in most parts of a car!

OK so maybe you are feeling like me in the fact that why the heck didn’t I know about this before? The really horrible part of this is that the biggest source of mica is found in Madagascar, and it's estimated that up to 10,000 children as young as 3 are helping their mothers extract it from the earth every day.

Everyone knows that mining is an incredibly dangerous job. Their crappy shafts don't have a safety inspector checking them out. They are made for one person to be dropped 100 feet down with many of the mothers strapping babies on their back during the process. It is so heartbreaking. By the time they have huge piles of it ready for shipping, they earn about $240 for several months work, however, half of that is taken back by the mine boss for the food that they are provided. They must live in the fields with their kids so that no one steals the mica. And by the time it is shipped, mostly to China, the cost has dramatically risen 500 times - but no extra benefit goes to them!

We have to do anything that we can to help stop companies from turning a blind eye to where they are getting their resources. They cannot have in their business plan that they won't use child labor when that's exactly what is happening by some major companies.

I can’t even imagine the horror these mothers must feel every day. I love my job but if you hate your job, it sure would be much, much easier to deal with after seeing what these babies are going through. Tiny little hands hammering out bits of mica from the rocks provided by their mother so they can simply exist.

If you would like more information please check out this link since it is both sickening and very, very enlightening:

Source: Today Show

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