As I have mentioned before, I love our landscaping. However, what I didn't say is that we both really hate the way that weeds continue to appear between the pavers on our patio no matter how many times we try to remove them. There has been so much written about the dangers of pesticides that we really wanted to come up with something that was safe, not only for us, but for our pets safety as well.

I looked online and here is what I found:

Step 1

Mix 12 ounces of lemon juice, 1 gallon of vinegar and 1 cup of salt in a large pot over low heat, stirring until the salt is dissolved. Allow the mixture to cool. At this point, you can set the mixture aside until you are ready to apply it to the weeds between the patio bricks. It will keep for weeks in a covered jar in a cool, dark place.

Step 2

Fill a spray bottle or gallon jug with the vinegar mixture. Choose a hot, sunny day to apply this to the weeds and grass between the patio bricks. Spray the foliage well, then pour the remainder into the soil around the plants' roots.

Step 3

Wait a day, then reapply if necessary. The plants will wilt and dry out so that they can easily be raked up and disposed of.

Step 4

Repeat the treatment when necessary, or seal the sand between the bricks with a polymer based sand to prevent the weeds from rooting again.

I love the thought of not using cancer-causing ingredients, and also not ruining our backs by trying to pull the weeds out by hand every few weeks. The type of sand that is mentioned is sold in most home improvement stores and is a cheap solution. It's about $22 for a 40 lb. bag. Here is the definition of this type of sand: "Polymeric sand is simply a granular sand material that is placed within the cracks and joints between stone pavers as a means of interlocking the units and preserving the beauty and integrity of the pavers. A water-activated polymer is introduced to the sand. After applying the material to the paved surface, the sand is sprayed down with water which causes the polymers to harden."

I'm guessing that when the patio was originally installed that this sand was added, however, through the years and wear and tear it probably just disappears and needs to be reapplied. So we'll try this next weekend, if it's dry, and report back to you with a picture of the results. If you have tried this or something similar get back to us since I'm sure a lot of people have this problem as well.

Source: The Hunker Team

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