Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Image: Amazon

Did you see this on the news? Most of us either had or wanted a treehouse when we were kids. This is the next best thing to it - a tiny house for your backyard where you can hide out and escape being an adult. Below is a description of this wonderful item to put on your bucket list.

These days, you can pretty much DIY anything you set your mind to. There are endless possibilities for the creative crafter. And for the more experienced DIY-ers, there's an even bigger project that's just waiting to be built for those daring enough to try: How about an entire tiny house for your backyard?

If you're not quite ready to move your entire life into a small space like this, never fear: You can convert it into a guest home, a studio, garden house, pool house, or truly anything your heart desires. Plus, you can purchase all the parts and instructions on Amazon for around $7200. It's by Allwood Solvalla!

At a mere 172 square feet, the tiny space is compact enough to actually fit in your yard but still has enough room to be useful, whether it's used for storage or for pure fun. In the description, the plans say that this small structure can be built in way less than a day — in eight hours, to be exact — when two adults team up for the job.

If you want to add anything extra like HVAC or electricity to this DIY home, you'll need to do that yourself — it doesn't include any of those amenities.

I would love a place like this to read, to paint, to entertain or just to daydream in. It's definitely on our bucket list!

Source: House Beautiful by Elizabth Gulino

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