Updated: Jun 16, 2019

As I have mentioned before, I love flowers. Lauren does the regular upkeep of our yard, and I love the extra touches like maintaining an area for cut flowers and also using window boxes, and various decorative containers around the yard. So when I read the below article I thought it had some good tips that I would share:

According to pro gardener and author Christina Salwitz, creating a striking yet easy-to-care-for plant combo is simple. All you'll need are a 20-inch pot (big enough to be seen from the street) and some decent soil. Then use what Salwitz calls the Rule of Three: "Go for three heights, three textures, and three colors. If you do that, your planter will always look good." Then, follow these container gardening rules:

1. Don't design it the way you would a centerpiece. If you want your pot to be admired from a distance, your tallest plant should go toward the back, which gives you room in the front and sides for fluffy, showy species.

2. Soil quality matters—a lot. Says Salwitz: "I tell my clients, 'Don't put a $5 plant in a 10-cent hole.'" Ask what brand of soil the pro at your garden center or nursery is using, and follow their lead.

3. The size of a planter will dictate your watering schedule. The nice thing about using one large container is that you can water less often, increasing your chances of green-thumb success.

4. Most plants need fertilizer. If they are producing flowers or fruit, they'll have to be fed throughout the season. Expect to give them a boost every few weeks from spring to fall.

The great thing about having added touches like this around your home means that you will always have a smile on your face when you are walking up to the door. For a small investment you can have a big impact on how you feel. Plus the containers are reusable so the following year - your costs will be less!

Source: Excerpt from Redbook, Lauren Oster

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