Remember most potential buyers arrive at your door wanting to fall in love with your house, so you need to take advantage of this. Stimulate their imagination by setting the scene for them by...

-If you have a sunny window in your kitchen, potted herbs can make it look extra inviting for someone who loves to cook.

-Or a bench placed near your front door or in the garden can make a buyer think about sitting out with a cup of coffee and reading on those beautiful days.

-Or a game or puzzle started on a family room table will evoke future fun family times.

-Or if it's winter and the outside is piled with snow and one of the best features of your home is it's landscaping, have a picture available showing how beautiful it will be next season.

-Or if your entryway is the perfect place for a huge Christmas tree, you can tug on someone's heart strings by having a picture showing one of your spectacular holiday displays. I can't tell you on how many home shows, and you've probably seen them too, where one of the first things that a potential buyer mentions is how great the staircase is for a holiday family photo or what a great spot it is to place the tree.

All of these ideas will help buyers picture themselves in your home and you will be able to sell quicker and move into your new home that much sooner!

Source: Ideas inspired by 101 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster

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