Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Maybe it's from my grandparents living with us, but I have always gravitated to tables at weddings etc. to the groups of people who were older than myself. It seemed like people my age where always discussing kind of ordinary, frivolous stuff. I never learned anything new. But at these other tables discussions were being held about real life. So when I watched the below segment on the news, I totally got it.

A tradition is brewing In Salt Lake City where, every Saturday in the summer, a group of senior citizens who regularly meet and gab at a local coffee shop are offering up free advice to anyone who visits their booth at a farmer's market. Their banner reads "Old Coots Giving Advice - It's Probably Bad Advice but It's Free".

At first it was kind of a joke and then one person stopped by, and then two, and then there was a line. Questions run the range from a landscaping question, to how do I not mess up my kids, to whether a woman should stay with her cheating spouse. It has become one of the favorite spots at the market. I hope that we will all be lucky enough to have a group like this show up at our farmer's markets at some point too!

If you want to see the whole segment go to:

Source: CBS Sunday Morning News

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