Updated: Nov 12, 2019

I know that this has always been a struggle for myself and friends - being too cold at work. Having to keep a sweater handy or even a portable heater under your desk (which never seemed too safe with all the paper etc. around) but what are you supposed to do? I even knew someone who used a lap blanket! Men never seem bothered by the colder indoor temps, and yet the women are rubbing their hands together or holding onto a hot cup of coffee or tea just to feel their fingertips. So when I read the below article at least there is a explanation and possible solution.

Struggling with productivity? You may want to check the thermostat.

Jokes about women always being cold and men always being warm are seemingly as old as time. But a recent study published in the journal of PLOS One suggests an increase in women’s productivity in warmer environments. The study consisted of 543 students doing math and verbal tests in a room at 61 degrees Fahrenheit, and then 91 degrees Fahrenheit. Women answered significantly more correct questions when in the warmer room.

“In the workplace specifically, studies show most offices have temperature standards based on that of a 40-year-old man, weighing 155 pounds,” said Dr. Jacqueline Koski, a family medicine physician at Aurora Health Center in Neenah, Wis. “Since women make up nearly half of the workforce, these standards aren’t very practical. Several biological factors explain why women tend to be colder than men, Differing metabolic rates, hormones, muscle mass and blood vessel location all play major parts.”

Additionally, the study illustrates women prefer temperatures 5 degrees warmer than men. Because the study suggests men are insignificantly affected by this increase in temperature, “this solution may be a win-win for all,” Dr. Koski says.

Source: Health enews by Advocate Aurora by Brianna Wunsch

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