Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I haven't posted a feel good story recently, but when I saw this on the news, I was moved to tears, and I believe that you will be too.

You normally don't see the words teens and compassion in the same sentence, however, when an autistic child named Carter Brunynell was at a NJ skate park celebrating his 5th birthday, a group of teens showed up too. Carter's mom was ready to take him home because something like that would usually stress her son out. However, something extraordinary happened - the teens started interacting with him and he responded.

You have to watch this video:

I have watched it a few times. Nowadays when teenagers get such a bad rap, it's refreshing to see something as compassionate as this. It is encouraging when the teens can get outside of their own heads, and off their social media devices, and make someone so much younger truly happy.

Can you imagine how proud these parents are? They have done a great job.

And do you know what? These kids have kept up with their relationship with Carter - amazing!

Source: CBS Sunday Morning Show

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