Who doesn’t love a great taffy apple? You can get one of those generic 3 pack ones at the grocery store or a gourmet one from many other places. However, have you ever attempted to make them at home? They require very few ingredients and there are a bunch of instructions online so I won’t bore you with that if you are already familiar with the process. But if you have tried making them at home, and had the perfect apple, the perfect homemade caramel, and some chopped nuts, and then the end result was a taffy apple with everything sliding towards the bottom, you had to be really, really annoyed. It’s happened to all of us.

The instructions always say to wash your apples first in order to get that waxy coating off so things stick, but did you know that there is one extra step to take in order to make everything stay where it should be?


Did I just say sandpaper??? Yes - a very, very fine grit of sandpaper will help everything stick. Just like when you are repainting cabinets or renovating an old chest of drawers, you need to rub a fine grit sandpaper over the item in order for the paint to adhere. The same is true of homemade taffy apples. Just make sure to use a soft pastry brush or towel to remove the residue prior to dunking it.

Also if you have never done this trick before when you are craving something sweet – just cut up an apple and pour a store-bought caramel sauce over the pieces along with chopped nuts or coconut or whatever you like. This way you control the amount of sweets that you’ll be eating, you can have one anytime even if they aren't the season that they are sold in stores. Best of all you can have a semi-healthy fix anytime that the mood hits you!

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