Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Have you ever not smiled when you see sprinkles on something? As you know I am not a big sweets person, but when I see sprinkles, I am grinning. It’s funny how the really simple things in life truly give you the most pleasure.

It’s when a small child smiles and holds out their hands for you to pick them up, or your dog rushes to greet you at the door, or the sun is peaking out after it’s been raining all day and sometimes there is the bonus of a rainbow. It could be a book that you couldn’t wait to read that turns out as good as you hoped it would be. Sometimes it’s a plant that you thought was dead showing signs of life and new growth. It could also be watching kids have a water fight and listening to their giggles, or a unopened big box of crayons, or a bottle of bubbles - these are all smile-inducing things.

We love going to fancy restaurants, but sometimes it’s a single slice of homemade bread and butter or berries with freshly whipped cream that brings the largest smiles. It’s the opening of the outdoor veggie stands with all the truly fresh produce.

Maybe we all need to think about the things that make us smile the most and stop racing to get the newest and greatest things in life and trying to outdo the next person. People who have learned this at an early age seem to be the most peaceful and happy!

What little things make you the most happy? We’d love to hear what they are.

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