Updated: Aug 7

If you are like me and thought that the heat would be around forever, and that Fall would never arrive, well it's here today, and the weather is in the 60's - hooray!

So I started thinking that this is the time to start getting a list of home improvements done before Winter sets in. Some of rental properties that we are in the process of buying had some nasty stains on the garage floors. I wondered if there is an easy way to remove, or at least improve, their appearance.

My first thought was to check out "The Family Handyman" site since that has a lot of info, and sure enough it did.

Courtesy of Amazon -First of all it says that I should use TSP, which is the same substance that I use when washing walls, and I already have it on my shelf. -Next I need to pour 1 oz. of TSP along with a cup of water into a small bucket, add a cup of absorbent material, and mix into a creamy paste. Eye protection and rubber gloves are suggested. (Absorbent material is something like baby powder or powdered talc or better yet diatomaceous earth, the stuff used in some pool filters. However since we don’t have a pool, and since I already have the other suggestions, I’ll just try one of those.) I also remember hearing that cat litter can be used for oil stains, but the site says that it’s too course to really be effective. You can crush it into a powder, but why do that if there are other suggestions, and do you really want to use your blender for that, I sure don’t. -Since you can’t scrub oil and grease away, the trick is to draw them out of the concrete. The paste is supposed to soak in and break up the stain, and the absorbent material does just what it’s supposed to do - it absorbs. -Once the paste dries, the cleaning action stops. You then are supposed to scape it up and sweep it away and start over especially if it’s a bad stain which might take 2 or 3 applications. It's such a quick process that having to do it a few times doesn't really matter. The floor might never look as good as new, but at least it will be cleaner. Once I try it I'll tell you how it worked. Have any of you used this method before? For more information check out: There is also information on how to remove paint and rust stains from concrete as well. Source: excerpt from "The Family Handyman"

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