We are Real Estate Brokers and want to sell you a home; however, we don’t want you to get into your first home unless you have considered all of the following:

  1. Is my job a steady one, and have I been there for at least two years?

  2. Is my credit good and I pay all my bills on time or beforehand?

  3. How many long-term debts like a car payment do I have?

  4. Do I have enough savings for a down payment?

  5. Do I understand how many other expenses that there will be like insurance, landscaping, higher gas and electric payments, etc.?

  6. Where is my money going now?

  7. Do I know enough about the neighborhood I'd like to live?

  8. Have I gotten pre-approved by a lender?

  9. Have I defined my needs vs my wants?

  10. Is it time to call L+L HOME? 😉

We want to help you find a home but only if you are ready and able. If not, find out how you can improve your situation and then we’ll be there to help you!

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