I have noticed that some of the things I thought would drive me crazy when we moved into our home were more of a preference rather than something that we should be tackling from the get-go. So creating a priority list is a way of truly getting the important items done first and the lesser items done at a more leisurely pace. It’s good to have all family members contribute their ideas too, no matter their age, because they might need something changed that would make the transition much easier for them too.

Below is what The Family Handyman website suggests. If you have never seen their magazine or website they are quite useful.

The minute you walk into your new home, your mind will be racing with to-dos. Keep this overwhelming task list at bay by keeping a notebook in a central location and write down every action item you or your family thinks of throughout the day. After 24 hours cut the list off, and prioritize each item with a 1, 2, or 3.

-First priority should be items that need to be completed that week – such as safety concerns, cleaning, unpacking essentials, etc.

-Priority two should be tasks that need to be completed within the next two months – related to organization, maintenance and the remaining unpacking.

-Priority three tasks should be non-essentials, but improvements and projects you’d like to complete within the year – renovations, landscaping, and large purchases.

I think it's a good idea to keep the list and review it after 6 months as to what was accomplished, what is no longer a concern, and also you should also add any new items to it.

Sometimes it takes a practiced eye from a non-judgmental person like me to help come up with easy solutions. Don’t forget that I can do that remotely too. At times it’s simply a different paint color, or a strategically placed new piece of artwork that can bring the whole room together. Recently for a client I just added a new area rug, blinds, pillows and a few items scattered about a family room that brought the whole room into a more cozy, comfortable place that the family really loves and now spends more time in. It did not take a fortune to make those minor changes.

Everyone wants that feeling of coming home to be a great experience every day so get your list started today!

Source: excerpt from Family Handyman

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