Updated: Apr 29, 2019

A few years back every news station talked about flimsy furniture like dressers and shelving units that would fall on children, and caused the death or injury of many kids. Because of these tragedies, many of these big box store type places even provided ways to adhere these units to the wall to prevent this from ever happening again.

Now unfortunately it’s back in the news! Just like the problem with cords from blinds etc. everyone has to carefully check their homes for these hazards. Maybe your kids are older and you don’t have grandkids yet, but maybe someone will come to your home with kids and when no one is paying attention a horrible accident can occur.

Everyone is so busy and most of us tell ourselves that we will check things out soon, but please take the time to go through each of your rooms and fix any potential problems immediately. Even if you did it when these problems were originally brought to everyone’s attention, you might have brought other things into the home that may cause such problems.

Doing this will give you piece of mind and keep everyone safe. Although we have checked our home in the past, we plan on doing this again - you can't be too careful when it comes to the safety of curious and energetic children!

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