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We've been hearing a lot of buzz lately about Turkish towels so we thought we'd check them out for ourselves and man are we happy we did!

When the towels arrived we excitingly opened the box and saw 3 gorgeous towels perfectly wrapped in a roll. The only thing was they didn't look like towels at all! These beauties resemble the perfect light throw that you'd drape across a chair or sofa - not something you'd wrap up in after a shower.

The towels are thin - extremely thin - and you're left wondering: how could this towel ever be absorbent enough to dry off after a shower let alone dry your hair! But it does, oh it does.

Turns out the absorbency is due to the high quality, long fibers of Turkish cotton. Bonus: because they're thin they dry super quickly. And the best part? With use these babies only get softer and more absorbent.

But you don't have to only enjoy these incredible towels post-shower. You can take them to the beach, use them as a picnic blanket, throw them over your shoulders as a shawl, just enjoy them as a decorative addition to the bathroom while they're hanging over a teak ladder (pictured below), or drape them over a chair or sofa as we originally imagined... the possibilities are endless.

The Bali Market

Here are some of our favorite Turkish towels. Start with one and we have a feeling your obsession will continue just as ours has.

Find these and more on:

A few things to note:

  • The towels are expensive but as mentioned earlier they really do only get better with time and use so you won't be replacing your towels like you normally would

  • It is best to soak your new towel in cool water to maximize absorbency from the get-go but it must at least be washed prior to use.

  • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: wash on gentle, tumble dry on low or hang to dry - remember: they dry quickly!

  • Towels must be 100% Turkish cotton! Do not buy a towel that says 'made with Turkish cotton' or 'blend' - the cotton is the whole secret to the towels!

  • Your purchase is supporting a community because these towels are handmade by people who make their livelihood creating these amazing towels.

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