Updated: Feb 26, 2019

A lot of you know by now that Lauren is a cleaning and organization nut, and I mean that in the best way possible. (I did not inherit that quality.) So, of course, one of her projects was to get the garage in tip-top shape before winter set in. She wanted everything off the ground, and everything to be easily seen. So she had the entire floor repaired, sanded down, sealed, and epoxied. All inside walls were painted and a custom organizational system was installed too.

The results were even more than we hoped for! A garage that felt clean and well organized. How great it is to just hose down the floor without damaging anything. It keeps that extra dirt from tracking back into the house too.

Of course those shelves have already gotten pretty full, so we have decided that since spring is only a few weeks away (we hope) that we are planning on how to extend the upper shelving to include the entire garage and also add wall organizers below as well.

We used the Garage Store - The owner Jim was easy to work with and his crew was great and they kept the site very tidy. And, best of all, it was a fast turnaround time.

We recommend anyone who needs a similar garage project done to give them a try.

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