We love love love our house but every time we walked in the door we looked straight into a bathroom that was suffering from a serious case of “the 90’s called and wants its bathroom back”. Functional? Yes. But that’s where it’s good qualities ended.

It was time to undergo a remodel.

Step 1: determine a color palette

Step 2: find the materials

Step 3: source the materials and get the best possible price

Step 4: wait for your new bathroom to be done

We like to keep our home feeling light, bright and lived in. We do not have the type of home where people immediately take their shoes off upon arrival. Our home is lived in and that’s just the way we like it. We like for each room to have its own personality but to easily flow with the whole house and this bathroom is no different.

One of the first things that you see when you walk into our house is a big beautiful navy hutch and we want to complement that with the bathroom that is in your direct sightline as you walk through the door. The rest of the living room is a neutral grey with white and cream accents that we will also be carrying through to the bathroom.


Color Palette determined:

white, cream, grey, blue, slate grey (I love this combination of blue and grey in almost any space but here it helps to compliment the hutch without trying to match it).


This bathroom gets the most amount of foot traffic as it is the only bathroom on the first floor. We need a floor that can stand the test of time and I think tumbled marble is our answer. I love the look of a brick floor but we want this bathroom to be bright and welcoming and so we can achieve the brick look with marble and get the best of both worlds! My all-time favorite marble is honed and tumbled. Honed marble has been ground down to remove the shine leaving a beautiful matte finish. Tumbled marble has rounded sides and irregular corners. A combination of these 2 finishes leaves the marble bricks looking like they’ve weathered the storm and they are beautifully imperfect.

We have original hardwood floors throughout the original half of our house so I definitely want to bring that into the bathroom with a wood vanity. The former vanity was fake wood with an orange hue and is so short! I think whoever put this in was trying to cater to children; however, we are looking for a vanity that is a little more substantial. The vanity that was there was also far too small leaving a large empty space between the vanity and toilet. Weird.

So my solution is to keep a single sink but opt for a larger vanity which will also allow me to have room on both sides for fresh flowers (a fave of mine in any bathroom!) and a small lamp. I love having a lamp in a bathroom that can be on to create ambiance instead of having a dark hole of a room when you walk in until you turn the vanity light on.


Tile can be very expensive – especially when you’re using marble so shop around. We ended up finding the 3x6 honed and tumbled marble bricks on sale at The Tile Shop because they are no longer carrying that particular tile. Score!

We found an awesome vanity on Lowe’ It is a beautiful wood base with a white top and generous room on either side of the sink. The old vanity was too small for the space. And far too short. This is a proper vanity and we love it!

The original toilet was far too short so we got a Kohler toilet because no one wants to skimp on this important piece of machinery!

Like many of our light fixutres, we got this one at Burr Ridge Lighting – and they were having a sale on everything on the floor so it was 40% off! This lamp was also from Burr Ridge Lighting. When we bought it we didn’t quite know where it would go but it is perfect here!

I found this gorgeous mirror on Overstock for less than $300 and it makes the room.

Overall I think the bathroom made a full 180! See ya '90s!




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