I haven’t seen this hack before, maybe it's out there, and my mom swears that it works great. She came up with it one day while cleaning the shower.

Do you or anyone in your family go barefoot a lot especially when the weather is warm? Do you get that embedded dirt from the beach, or sidewalks, or putting something in the garage with all the grime that accumulates there? Those types of things make it more difficult to get the dirt off of the bottom of your feet. Little ones are always complaining when you scrub their feet since their skin is so sensitive, but how else do you remove those stubborn spots without rubbing hard?

You are not going to believe this, but Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are the answer. I for one can’t use this product since it gives me chills like you get from chalk scraping on a blackboard. However, if that doesn't bother you, it is the fastest, easiest solution to this problem. There is no scrubbing. Just a swipe or two and the dirt comes right off.

I absolutely love hacks, don’t you? If you have a hack that isn't widely known please share it with us!

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