Am I the only one who hasn't heard about “green” burials, free of chemicals and concrete? I just saw this on the news and was completely surprised.

In a green burial, the body typically is wrapped in a shroud or laid in a wicker basket and placed in a grave dug by hand. The bodies deteriorate at a natural rate — about two years for flesh and 20 for bones. “Everything is biodegradable, including you.”

The green plots won’t use traditional grave markers. Instead, the names of the deceased will be engraved on a boulder, with each name’s placement on the stone marking the body’s approximate location. GPS coordinates will be provided to the family. Without headstones, the cemetery can allow natural plants and flowers to grow. The cemetery is going to provide seeds from native wildflowers and grasses for families to scatter over the grounds.

I am not sure if I am horrified that we are going back in time with this simple practice or all for it because it's so natural. I grew up with my mom jokingly saying when it's her time to just put her remains in a zip lock bag or Tupperware because afterwards didn't matter to her at all. With the expense of traditional wakes and funerals being so difficult for so many people to afford, this has got to be a great idea for them. I wonder how many places will start this practice or are already doing it.

I am very curious whether this will become a trend or not. How do you feel - creepy or not???

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