Updated: Apr 29, 2019

I am pretty careful with my eating, however, when I decide to bake I do it in a big way. And I want the best ingredients possible. I usually go through quite a bit of butter because if you are going to cheat - it better taste great.

(I’ll have to make a note to remind myself to talk about our family and the many, many batches of Christmas cookies we make when it gets closer to the holidays again. We usually make no fewer than 12 different types!)

Sure Trader Joe's has lots of tasty things there - both good for snacking and for meals, but it's things like finding out that their butter, which is half the cost of some of the leading brands, came in first in a taste test conducted by Food52 that I found very interesting.

In the comparison of American style butters there were 5 contenders. They are ranked here from lowest to highest:

5. Land O'Lakes - approximately $4.89 per pound

4. 365 (Whole Foods) - approximately $3.49 per pound

3. Breakstone's approximately $7.98 per pound

2. Cabot - approximately $6.79 per pound

1. Trader Joe's - approximately $2.99 per pound

I am not the best at clipping coupons, however, when I'll be doing a huge amount of baking for a birthday or holiday, why not pick it up at TJ's!.

Source: Excerpts from Food52 by Emma Laperruque

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