I was recently reminded of when I visited my brother who was in college at the time. He had a party a few days earlier in the week, and, of course, there might have been alcohol involved. Someone banged into his coffee table and knocked a large candle over. Luckily it was caught fast enough so that a fire didn’t start, but the candle wax, and there was a lot of it, dripped onto his favorite rug. He had no idea how to remove the wax because he thought he had heard that you are supposed to place the item in the freezer. Needless to say, you can’t fit an entire area rug into the freezer.

When I arrived I knew just what to do. I took an old white t-shirt of his and a very warm, not hot iron, and I placed the t-shirt over the area, pressed the iron to it, and kept moving everything so that the wax could adhere to a clean place on the cloth. Amazingly every bit of candle wax was removed. It was a red candle and a white rug so believe me this hack really works.

I wish that I had before and after pictures to show you, but I didn't have an I-Phone in those days, or maybe it hadn’t even been invented yet!

Being a college student he didn’t have the extra money to replace the rug, so when he got back from class he couldn’t believe that I was able to salvage his rug. He thought I was so smart (of course) and he was so grateful.

It’s such a great feeling when a few minutes of your time can keep something from being thrown in the landfill. Try this hack if this ever happens to you, and if it doesn't remove all of the candle wax for you, it will at least be a huge improvement!

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