Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I just read one of the smartest hacks for moving, and I really wish that I had come up with the idea.

You can quickly get every box in the right room when moving by assigning a color to each room. (Sure you can write on the box the final destination, but not everyone’s handwriting is that legible, and whoever is moving the box still needs to find the proper room.) Then you mark that color on the outside of each box. Next add the correct color label to each room's door, and if you are especially organized and have more than one floor in your new home, you can have a color chart on each floor too.

You'll love not having to haul incorrectly placed boxes again by yourself especially if it’s to another floor. Anything that makes moving day easier is a win-win.

I love when I hear stuff like this, however, I hate that I was not clever enough to instinctively know it in the first place!

Source: House Logic

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