MOTHER’s DAY is just a few days away! For those who don’t know, it is on Sunday the 13th this year and we want to help you be prepared.

Everyone knows they should do something nice for Mom on Mother’s Day but if you plan ahead you don’t have to be stressed out doing the ‘ole last minute gift scramble.

We have compiled a list of great buys that Mom will actually appreciate. Oh, and don’t forget the card! A little hand-written note goes a long way.

Just remember that your mom has done a lot for you so spend a little time planning on doing something nice for her. She deserves it and will no doubt be grateful for the effort.


(and some of our fave spots to get them)

1) Flowers: always and forever, flowers!

See our guide below for successful tips that will leave MOM saying WOW!

2) Donate to a charity in her name.

Choose something near and dear to your mamma’s heart and she will be overwhelmed with joy. Click HERE for a list of our favorite local Chicago area charities at the bottom of ‘Our Story’.

3) A gift card for a little R&R.

Every mom needs a little break every now and again, no matter how old her children are! A gift card for a massage or facial is not like any other gift card. This gift is actually appreciated and thoughtful.

4) 365 Gathered Truths.

If you don’t know what to say, they do! Now your mom can read an inspiring card per day and think of how amazing you are… even if you didn’t write them yourself.

5) Cooking Class – Mommy & Me style.

Why should Mommy & Me classes just be for toddlers tumbling around a germ-y room? A cooking class for you and your mom is a unique way to do something fun together. And you get to eat, which is always a bonus!


Our go-to for any occasion whether it is dinner at a friend’s house or Mother’s Day is a beautiful fresh floral arrangement. Chances are, even if we got another little gift we pick up at least a small gathering of fresh blooms.

They just make people happy.

Not all floral arrangements are created equal.

Here are our easy tips to get a floral arrangement that’s swoon-worthy.

1) Designer

To us, the floral designer is everything. This is the person who can take mediocre looking blooms, pair them together, add a little greenery and create a masterpiece or… they can be the opposite. (I’ve even taken flowers home before going to my destination to rearrange the arrangement! Control freak? Maybe! Haha).

2) Color Palette

Our go-to choice is always muted colors. Blush, cream and green preferably but any muted colors will do. Soft colors also tend to go with anyone’s décor, so that’s a bonus. Choose something that suits not only the person receiving the arrangement but you as well. Every time we give someone a bouquet they always say, oh that’s so you! It’ll make them think of you every time they look at it.

3) Plan Ahead

REMEMBER: Most flower shops are NOT OPEN ON SUNDAYS! This means that for an occasion like Mother’s Day, which always falls on a Sunday, you need to PLAN AHEAD. I want the best of the best flowers to select from so I try to go at least 3-4 days early to speak to the florist about the general idea of what I’m looking for – that way you get the best flowers set aside for you.

4) DIY

If you are doing it yourself (or you forgot to plan and you’re stuck going to the grocery store) don’t try to overcomplicate anything… and PLEASE don’t get the pre-arrangements like “spring bouquet”. Keep it simple: stick to one type of flower and get a ton of it. Then, take it home (yep, can’t just throw them into one large clear plastic bag) and take everything apart. Now, begin to arrange the flowers in your hand instead of laying them on the table. This will allow you to see the arrangement from all angles and give you an overall better look. Clip the stems so they’re all a similar length. Tie with string. You’re done! Congrats!

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