I swear, I would never have people over if I had to use what was commonly accepted as the norm for entertaining in either my mom or my grandmother's time. Unless you were rich and had a housekeeper, I think you would be so tired before anyone arrived that you would never have a party!

Here are a few of the suggestions:

-rugs and furniture should be shampooed in advance of a party

-windows and mirrors all need to be cleaned

-silver and brass need to be polished

-bathrooms need to be spotless, of course, with new cakes of soap, along with aspirin and baking soda easily available and powder with fresh puffs and small guest lipsticks too

-cigarettes and matches should be available on the tables

-curtains should be drawn unless it's warm or light outside

-room temp should be around 70 degrees

-and the list goes on.

I am tired just reading what was expected in that era. I remember stories of my grandmother so stressed out before it was her turn to host the neighborhood bunco night that she started preparing a month in advance. No wonder women of that time were so uptight. I am so very, very happy that we now live in a casual time when we can simply enjoy spending time with those we love. Our idea of women's success has sure changed!

Have you heard any crazy stories from your family too?

Source: excerpts from The Amy Vanderbilt's Success Program for Women

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