Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I was recently reading a book about getting more organized both in my daily life and with things around the house. It is a book by Stephen Guise who talked about Mini Habits and how if you start extremely small that you would be more likely to not only continue, but also to expand your efforts. He says if you want to starting doing pushups, you might start by saying that you only have to do one. Everyone knows that will lead to a few more once you start. It might only be 3 or 4 more, but the point is you have overcome inertia and it wasn't that hard.

Or if you really need to clean out your closet, set a timer for 5 minutes and tell yourself that’s all you have to do that day. Once the timer goes off you will probably spend a few more minutes or longer fixing it.

This way of thinking gets you off your butt. It’s not an overwhelming task, it’s only a few minutes. You will start seeing results which makes you want to do more, and that's a great thing.

We've started getting up earlier in the morning and it's amazing how much you can accomplish by just setting the alarm a few minutes early each day. It's always hard getting out of bed so getting up 15 minutes earlier or 15 minutes later is just as tough. So pick the earlier time. If you aren't already doing this, just try it!

Preview the book below and get started on your next new habit!

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