We recently noticed two boys on our block trying to help another one of our little neighbors learn how to ride a bike. It was evident that our neighbor learning to ride was scared. We kept on with our chores, but every so often we looked up and saw how persistent they all were in pursuing this challenge.

The boys are young, but they had patience, and wanted our sweet neighbor to succeed. They must have been helped her go back and forth 40x until finally there was a new bike rider on the block! So proud!!! But the new bike rider shouldn’t have been the only one to be proud. The parents of those boys, who raised them (and 2 other awesome kids) correctly, should be very proud too. When most kids nowadays can’t take their eyes off a media screen, to devote this much time into fulfilling someone else’s dream, is simply amazing.

One quote that I love which comes to mind serves as a great reminder to us all.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”  ― John Holmes

I do wonder about some things that we all might have given up on in life because we thought they were too difficult, or maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for us, but if we would have had a support team like these guys around us, would we have kept trying and finally succeeded?

Anyway this might not be a huge human interest story, but it is heartwarming to know that this is the type of people who live in our neighborhood. People that will stop what they are doing and help when it’s needed.

I hope that you have people surrounding you like this too! And if you don't, call us and we will find you a house in our loving neighborhood!

So, don't forget to look outward, to reach down and lift someone up every chance you get.

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