Updated: Jan 7, 2020

On the Today Show today Jenna Bush did an experiment with the news staff - both men and women. She brought them into a conference room, had them surrender their cell phones, and had an instructor teach them some basic knitting skills.

At the end of the lesson they all said that they not only felt better and more relaxed, but that they felt like they want to continue learning! And once the filming was over, most still were trying to perfect their new skill.

That made me remember when my mom and I have some women over from the office for a lasagna dinner and to learn about knitting a scarf. After dinner we moved over to the clubhouse so that we could spread out with our own batch of knitting items. A few people had dabbled before and some were complete novices. We had a lot of fun that evening. I have not continued, however, I do believe that when I have more time that I might pick it up again. It was relaxing, somewhat rewarding, and because you don't want to mess up and miss a stitch, your full attention is on what you're doing. It really is meditative.

If you have never tried it before grab a chunk of yarn and borrow someone's knitting needles. Otherwise pick up some, they are pretty inexpensive. There are plenty of tutorials online. You might never become a proficient knitter, but you might have found a new hobby and have less stress.

If you want to see the Today Show clip, check it out here.

Would you like to read more about the company who did the workshop? See what else they're up to here.

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