Like most of you I heard about this procedure before, however, I never knew anyone who had it done, and I never had a chance to use it until this past week. The estimate was over $350, and I thought could it really be worth it instead of just replacing the tub? The bathtub in the home we bought was a horrible shade of yellow (yuck), and I knew it had to go, but really $350 for a paint job???

The answer is yes, yes, yes. Let me tell you, it was some of the best money that I spent on renovating this house. It looks wonderful.

So if you are selling a home and have one of those great sturdy cast iron tubs, or even if you have one in your home and are not planning on selling any time soon, do not underestimate the change that will take place. And, it's so much better looking than those tub inserts. Plus another bonus is that it keeps the old tub out of the landfill.

There are products to do it yourself, however, in this case I think it's probably best to go with a professional. This procedure can also be used to update tile. I might try that in a future project if the tile is in great shape except for the color.

Before photos:

After photo:

The updated bath and rental property is now ready for some lucky family!

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