Updated: Jan 7, 2020

I love orchids! They are so beautiful and easy to care for as long as you pay attention to a few basic things before getting one:

-some like lots of light, others low light

-some like high indoor temps, others lower temps

-some like more water, others less water

There are many sites which will help you pick one out based on your needs. A very good site is:

Maybe you will be lucky and receive one on Valentine’s Day, otherwise just treat yourself or treat someone else. I have picked up small ones for $8, and even regular sized ones for about $15 OR $20. Places like Trader Joe’s and Home Depot always have a great selection. Of course there are expensive varieties too, but I suggest starting off with the less costly ones. Even those of you who feel like you have killed most of your previous plants will feel like a botanist with these easy to care for beautiful plants.

A great bonus is the fact that the flowers can last a very long time. Moth Orchids can last for months. In fact when they drop their flowers and go dormant, they will usually come back again later in the year, so don’t throw it out just because it has stopped producing flowers. It’s so fun when you check on a plant that you thought looked dead only to find new buds appearing.

Believe me, nothing brightens a dreary room, especially at this time of year, more than an orchid. You will be so hooked that you won’t stop at just one.

Still not convinced you can keep a live orchid healthy + beautiful? Here are some amazing faux orchids that will give you the same look. They’re also great for gifts!

Get them here!

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