Updated: Jan 6, 2020

In Alabama recently an elderly woman was eating alone. At a table near her three young guys were eating too. One of them who hates to eat alone, and also hates to see others eating alone, felt compelled to approach the woman. He asked if she would like some company, she said yes, and so they all joined her and exchanged stories for almost an hour.

It couldn't have been more perfect timing because the next day should have been her 60th wedding anniversary, but her husband had died. This compassionate man said that although he isn't rich and he isn't famous, or felt like he isn't even that smart, thought at least he could be kind. The amazing thing is - they are all still in each others lives!

We all notice someone who is alone whether in a restaurant or a hospital waiting room, how much effort would it take to reach other to another person with a smile, a nod, or a bit of conversation. We even forget what 5 minutes of our time would do for an elderly neighbor or relative. A simple act of kindness like that can totally change someone's day (and sometimes longer). Sometimes the best connections start in unlikely places.

To see these wonderful guys, check out the video at:

Source: CBS Sunday Morning

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