Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Not every home is able to fit a large bathroom, but there are ways to work around it! Here are 4 design tips to maximizing a small bathroom:

1. Build shelving in unexpected places. “Adding a large shelf in the shower provides a designated place to store products so they don’t end up cluttered on the floor or inside the tub,” says Alana. A small basket holds stray loofas, while a piece of framed artwork and a hanging planter adds a decorative touch.

2. Create the illusion of more space. A large mirror across one wall breathes new life into the compact quarters. To create a natural sense of flow, the design duo opted for bright white tiles all over the bathroom. Plus, a low standing tub maximizes square footage (and makes it easy for the homeowners to bathe their new baby).

3. Opt for a light color palette. Bright whites, cool-toned marble and brushed bronze give the bathroom a cohesive, yet sophisticated look. To keep the space from feeling too spare, Alana and Jordy added pops of personality in the decor, like this cheeky art print from Minted framed in a large mat for a more custom look.

4. Make storage a priority. “We were thoughtful about the details,” says Jordy. “For example, we chose drawers for the vanity instead of doors, because they allow for more storage, and are easier to keep organized.”

Source: House & Home

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