Here are the top five clues according to Guaranteed Rate that mean you’ve found “the one.” When you come across these signals, don’t drag your feet—don’t sleep on it—make your offer.

1. It’s in your ideal location

We’ve all heard it before, “location, location, location.” But it really means everything when you’re looking for a home, and it can be the tipping-point when weighing pros and cons. You might find yourself adjusting your expectations to be in the neighborhood you want. If you find a home within your desired school district that also allows for a convenient commute, you might be a little more lenient with your list of must-haves. The location will also make an impact on a home’s appreciation.

2. It’s Insta-worthy

Are you snapping pictures? Did you just text your sister a picture of the basement bar? If you’re feeling the need to share your house (did you just slip and call it your house?) with your friends and family just while walking through it, this could mean it’s the home for you. Unless your need to share is fueled by a burning question such as, who could ever live with such little closet space?

3. You’re insulted when your realtor points out the kitchen is less-than ideal

If you’re feeling a twinge of defensiveness as you walk around critiquing your potential home, it’s a sure sign you’ve already fallen in love. You’re overlooking a home’s flaws because ultimately, it’s where you want to be. You don’t care that there isn’t a lot of counter space because that bay window in the living room gets the perfect amount of sunshine and you’re envisioning your children running around in the spacious backyard.

4. You’re picturing your life unfold under that roof

If you find yourself daydreaming of hosting holidays in that cozy-looking dining room, or you think you have the perfect paint color to accent the fixtures in the master bathroom, you might not want to keep looking. You’re imagining your life there, and that means you feel comfortable and content.

5. You feel like you’re cheating on your home as you’re searching

You feel slightly intrusive as you walk through the door of that other house, and you’re comparing everything to the home you just left. Your defensiveness is coming back—yes, this house does have more counter space, but haven’t we been over that? You don’t care about counter space when there’s a beautiful bay window and backyard to be had in the home that’s meant for you.

It’s funny, for likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make, you typically have the shortest window of time to ponder your decision. So, if you’re getting that possessive feeling and you’re thinking of a place as yours, listen to your instinct and go for it!

Source: excerpts from Guaranteed Rate

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