Updated: Sep 19, 2019

You know how I have been on the bandwagon before about drinking from plastic bottles. Well this new scare about what vaping does to your lungs, has really gotten me thinking, what about all of those tiny microscopic plastic particles that could be released from using the wrong containers?

Let me tell you, the statistics are really scary.

According to Aurora Advocate Health Americans consume more bottled water than any other packaged beverage by volume. The desire of consumers for better health and pure water has turned bottled water into a marketing success story, with a million plastic bottles of water sold a minute worldwide.

Unfortunately, plastic that’s used for bottles, packaging and all kinds of other things is creeping into seas, landfills and water systems. A recent study from the University of Victoria in Canada suggests that an average American could consume more than 70,000 tiny plastic particles per year, and even more for people who drink just bottled water.

But do you need to be worried?

“Health impacts of consumption of plastic on human health are unknown,” says Dr. Michael Otte, a family medicine provider at Aurora Health Center in Germantown, Wis. “It may depend on quantities digested and how long they linger in the body. Currently, we have no evidence to suggest that microplastics in drinking water is dangerous. But more research is still needed to determine any health risks.”

Since opinions vary, what are the best options for safe drinking water? Drinking filtered tap water with a carbon block filter and storing your drinking water in stainless steel or other BPA-free water bottles is a good bet. Filtered water is an affordable and effective way to reduce your exposure to most microplastics and chemical contaminants. Stainless steel bottles are safe and environmentally friendly. This method can cut down on your exposure to pollutants until more is known about the risks of microplastics in both plastic water bottles and tap water.

I say don't take any chances with yourself or your family. Everyone thought vaping was a safer alternative to smoking and now it seems that it's even worse.

We also switched from using plastic containers for storing pantry items and leftovers to glass ones. It's so easy to make the change to stainless steel or BPA-free water bottles and to glass storage containers that if you haven't done so already please try and start today!

Source: Excerpt from eNews Aurora Advocate Health

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