We love this time of year when we can start grilling outdoors for our family and friends. We were happy to see that there is a easier way to clean the grates without harsh chemicals. Please see below.

Regular grill maintenance and cleaning with a grill brush helps keep your grilled food tasting clean, pleasantly charred and smoky — not burned, which results from cooking on grates laden with built-up carbonized foods. An effective scraping and brushing after each use should cover you through grilling season, but once or twice a year, depending on the frequency of use, you need to deep-clean the grates, and that time is now.

You'll find several chemical-based cleaners on the commercial market — some with a skin-burning pH of 13.5 and over, and comprised of compounds like caustic potash — that can strip your stuck-on grill grime in as little as 15 minutes. But unless you're cleaning grills in a high-volume restaurant, you don't need that type of chemical firepower. Instead mix two cups of distilled vinegar with one cup of baking soda in a heavy-duty garbage bag. Place the grates in the bag, seal it and let them soak overnight — a light scrubbing and rinse the next day will rid the grates of residue..

Source: Char-Broil

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