Updated: Dec 29, 2018

1) Ready for the wintry weather

If you have limbs and branches over your house, sidewalk or car, you may want to cable, brace or prune them before winter stress causes breakage. If branches are dead, diseased or unsafe, it may be best to remove them.

2) Plan to prune 

Although your trees are in the inactive, or dormant, stage of growth right now, it is the best time to prune.

3) Inspect before the ice

When you see your tree is bending or drooping because of snow and ice accumulation, think twice before shaking the branches.

4) Mulch, hydrate and fertilize

Mulching, hydration and proper fertilization are important throughout the year, so head outside while you still have time to get your trees the nutrients they need for the long, wintry months.

5) Prepare prior to damage

Pesky pests, salt and snow damage can make winter unpleasant for your trees, so help them prepare prior to possible damage.

Your Winter Checklist

Source: Davey Tree

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