Updated: Mar 2, 2019

The Old Farmer's Almanac for 2019 says that this month was named for the Roman god of war, Mars. That was because this used to be the time of year to resume military campaigns that had been stopped because of winter.

March is also known as the month that "comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb", which refers to the weather. And in our area it did come in like a lion.

We’ve all heard it uttered, but what does “Beware the Ides of March” actually mean? On the Roman calendar, the midpoint of every month was known as the Ides. The Ides of March fell on March 15th. Supposedly, in 44 BC, a seer told Julius Caesar that his downfall would come no later than the Ides of March. Caesar ignored him, and when the fated day rolled around he joked with the seer, “The Ides of March have come.” The seer replied, “aye, Caesar; but not gone.” Caesar continued on to a senate meeting at the Theatre of Pompey, and was summarily murdered by as many as 60 conspirators.

On March 17th we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. He was a priest who spread Christianity throughout Ireland. Supposedly shamrocks are a symbol that he used to explain the Holy Trinity. Here in Chicago the river has traditionally been dyed bright green and we also have one of the largest parades, which is just an excuse for many parade-goers to be "over-served".

We also change our clocks in March for Daylight Saving Time (not Savings as we all call it). This year it falls on March 10th at 2 a.m. The United States started the practice in 1920 during World War II in order to save fuel.

-March's birthstones are aquamarine & bloodstone. These stones symbolize courage.

-Its birth flower is the daffodil.

-The zodiac signs for the month of March are Pisces (until March 20) and Aries (March 21 onwards).

National Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women's rights.

There are many month-long observances this month and here is a few of them:

-Women's History Month

-Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

-National Nutrition Month

-Irish-American Heritage Month

-Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

-National Reading Awareness Month

Enjoy March and hope that it really brings Spring on the 20th!

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