There is little that I love more than a fresh floral arrangement. If I could have a vase full of fresh flowers in every room I absolutely would. The problem however is that the price of these gorgeous morsels of beauty are expensive!

Solution: grow your own! I am so excited to be starting a cut garden this year in hopes of 1) cutting down the ‘ole floral budget and 2) having more arrangements around my home as often as possible.

While I have had some success bringing dead rose bushes back to life (and a flourishing life at that) and keeping potted plants alive for most of the season, I have never attempted growing a full garden but this is my year – I feel it!

I picked up the world's best book on gardening ... Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden and it is basically my GO-TO for anything gardening related.

First of all, the book is gorgeous so even if you're just looking for a coffee table book, pick one up. Second of all, it's actually a good read! Third of all, these people know flowers and they explain gardening in a way that is relatable to even someone as new as me.

So... here's what I've planted:

Peonies (of course!), Hydrangeas, Lavender, David Austin Roses, Astilbe and Climbing Roses.

If you’ve got any tips for a new gardener like myself, send them my way.

PLEASE comment below... all advice is appreciated!

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