Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Please read about these two wonderful women who saw a need and they did something about it. They created LuminAID.

When we think of our most basic human needs, we often think of food, water, and shelter. But when architecture graduate students Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta were asked to design a product to assist post-earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, they considered the dangerous conditions at night in the tent cities and turned their attention to another critical need: Light.

1.6 billion people around the world lack proper access to electricity. Many of these people are forced to rely upon dangerous, toxic, and expensive kerosene lanterns as their primary source of light. Through their Give Light, Get Light program, they partner with NGOs and nonprofits all over the world to distribute LuminAID lights to individuals who will greatly benefit from a safe, rechargeable light source. LuminAID has distributed over 50,000 lights in more than 100 countries from lights sponsored through the Give Light, Get Light Program. Buy a light for yourself, and sponsor a light for someone in need. The lights sponsored will be sent to one of their humanitarian partners, who will distribute them to families in need.

Now everyone’s getting the bright idea: hikers in Yosemite, backpackers in Whistler, and emergency workers In Nepal alike use LuminAID to light their way. Even the reality investment show ABC's Shark Tank saw the LuminAID vision irresistible, and invited Anna and Andrea on the show for a chance to premiere their product on primetime. They received offers from all 5 Sharks and Mark Cuban’s deal was chosen.

It doesn’t happen often where we live, however, occasionally the power does go off during bad storms, etc. - no way to charge cell phones and everyone is scrambling for candles etc. Even though this is a small problem compared to what people in less fortunate countries go through, how nice would it be to have one or more of these products around.

If you are interested, please see the link below.

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