Updated: Jul 6, 2019

Since so many people are getting on the road for Summer activities, do you or someone you know have a problem with queasiness during a long car or plane ride? Have you ever tried ginger to help relieve the symptoms? I am telling you it really works.

Ginger is a common folk treatment for upset stomach and nausea. Ginger seems to aid digestion and saliva flow. Studies found that taking ginger could reduce nausea and vomiting in some pregnant women. And it seems to help with nausea caused by vertigo as well.

I have heard that the Chinese have been cooking with ginger forever, not only for the flavor that it adds to the dish, but also for help with digestion as well.

Years ago our family found that it not only works for car sickness but any type of motion sickness like boats or carnival rides too. Or if you have a hangover or flu symptoms it works for that as well. You don’t have to run to the store to buy fresh ginger, however, if you have it in your fridge you can grate it in tea or plain water. It also stores well in the freezer. We keep a jar of ginger supplements with our other first aid supplies since that is the easiest way.

Of course there are over the counter medications for motion sickness, but why not try a simple remedy like ginger first. It’s inexpensive, less than $10 for 100 capsules. There are also ginger candies available. Some are chewable since there can be a choking hazard when giving hard candy to young children.

As a first defense it’s a great option. So think about it - it works for us!

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