Here are a few reminders of quick things to do this fall that could save you a lot of time (and money) down the road.

  1. Caulk around your windows to eliminate air leaks and save money.

  2. Clean outdoor furniture and bring it indoors to store

  3. Fix cracks in concrete + asphalt before the first deep freeze.

  4. Feed your lawn to promote deep healthy roots before the grass goes dormant for the winter – you’ll see the differene next spring!

  5. Give some TLC to your lawnmower and trimmer – run the engines out of gas + clean them before storing

  6. Get smoke detectors + fire alarms tested. And don't forget to have an up-to-date fire extinguisher handy!

  7. Prevent a fall this winter by getting salt the minute you see it at the hardware store. Get your snow blower ready for use before you need it - don’t forget to check the oil

  8. The old classic - reverse fan direction! Do you know that it can cut heating costs by 10% ?!?!?

  9. Don’t find out too late that your furnace needs a little TLC. And make a reminder in the calender to replace the filters each and every month to ensure the system is running optimally

  10. Call L+L Home and make an appointment to discuss real estate or interiors! ☺️

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