Doesn't this picture make you want to read a great mystery while drinking a lemonade or take a nap? Everyone needs a quiet little area to reflect. You might have a big house where it's easy to carve out an area of your own, but if you live in a small place, you can still have your own sanctuary.

In the above picture when the seasons change you can replace the airy curtains and the blue-toned pillows and add heavier drapes and perhaps red plaid pillows and a cozy throw. Then it's perfect for the cooler temps as well.

Or maybe in a tiny, rarely used closet or in a corner of the room, you can place a comfy chair, a pillow, a good reading light, etc. Pile your favorite books nearby. Add music, a glass of wine, and all of your problems will fade away.

Look at the below picture and see how clever this person is who carved out a tiny place for herself.

Here is one of my comfy spots.

I hope you already have an area that you enjoy escaping too, and if not, try planning on how to make one today!

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