Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Yesterday our area and many other areas across the country had horrible weather. The sky turned black and the sirens were blaring. This made me think about whether we were really prepared if things got worse. Since I thought that we were probably not the only ones who aren't fully prepared for a weather disaster, and you really really don’t want to be figuring any of this out in a real emergency, I thought that I would look up some info for all of us. Here is what you need to do ahead of time:

-Locate the main water shut-off valve. Because busted pipes happen to almost every homeowner at least once. And water damage is value-busting and pricey to fix.

-Find the circuit box, and label all circuit breakers.

-Find the gas shut-off valve, too, if you have gas.

-Test the sump pump if you have one. Especially before the rainy season starts.

-List emergency contacts. You already know 911. These are the other numbers you often need in an emergency. You should have them posted where they’re easy to see: utility companies, insurance agent, a plumber and an electrician.

- Assemble an emergency supply kit. Some key items are: flashlights and batteries, non-perishable food and water, blankets and extra clothing, a radio, TV, or cell phone with backup batteries.

We become too complacent and think that these disasters always happen somewhere else, but the sad truth is that it can happen to any of us and we should be ready. Do it now. You’ll sleep better and be less likely to ruin your home!

Source: Excerpts by Robin I. Flanigan USA Today

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